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Liam’s of Thomasville

December 16, 2007

We went to Liam’s last night for Beck’s birthday. Since we ate there last time they had moved to a new building on East Jackson Street in Thomasville, Georgia. The decor inside was similar to their last place with a mix of refined white table clothes and funky art on the exposed brick walls. The open kitchen was in the back. The new restaurant was larger and held about 18 tables.

We brought our own wine but also looked at their list. This was something new as they did not sell beer or wine before. We started our meal with a selection of cheeses. There was a raw cow cheese from Wisconsin, a raw cow cheese from Utah that had a rub of lavender and ground espresso, and a raw goat cheese from Thomasville. It was served with a selection of pecans and raw honey from Tuscany. The most interesting was the one from Utah was made by the Beehive Cheese Company and called Barely Buzzed Espresso- Lavender Cheddar. When tasting it you immediately were hit with the lavender, then the sharp cheddar flavor and at the end coffee. The honey was also superb.

We then had a bowl of tomato basil blue crab bisque. This has been a staple on their menu since we first ate there in 2004. There were large pieces of blue crab in the bisque and combined with the tomato basil base it was very tasty. For our main plate I had the grilled wild salmon on a bed of polenta with a tomato and basil sauce drizzled around the edge. Becks had a filet of some sort. It was not a filet mignons but another cut of beef. It was very tender and had more flavor than the filet. I wish I could remember the name of it. My salmon was amazing.

For dessert Becks had a chocolate mousse while I had a bowl of sesame and honey gelato and a coffee. Overall, our meal at Liam’s was great and it is so nice to go somewhere they know who you are. Hands down Liam’s is the best restaurant in the Tallahassee/Thomasville area.

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  1. Becky permalink
    December 19, 2007 12:32 pm

    Gosh, Mike, you should write for a food magazine! Maybe you can write my scripts for me for my new show on Food Network when I get it!!!

  2. December 19, 2007 3:15 pm

    Awww, thanks! I can write and you can be on television with Tanya traveling around the world!

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