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High Off of Bleach

January 19, 2008

I just finished scrubbing the bathroom floor grout with a mixture of 80% bleach and 20% water.  I had a fan blowing and the windows opened as I happily scrubbed the dirt and mildew away.  Instead of using a toothbrush and a little bowl like the last time I used a mop bucket and a large hand scrubber.  It took about 15 minutes to get the entire floor done this time.  Yahoo for a bigger brush.

As I cleaned Jackson was sitting by my side.  I told him to go lay down but he did not listen.  Instead he moved around as I cleaned the floor careful not to step into the wet areas.  He is a good companion.  I feel bad since I probably poisoned him with the fumes.

Also, as I was cleaning I thought about my old friend from New Hampshire, Kevin.  I think we were in middle school at the time and one day we hanging out at his house bored.  His parents were gone so we decided it would be a great idea to go into his cellar and mess around with some chemicals.   We took a bucket, filled it with bleach, added some crushed chlorine tablets to it and maybe something else I cannot remember.  We then tried to light the fumes on fire with a lighter (chemist we were not).  I think we almost suffocated from the fumes.  It was a dumb but fun way to spend an afternoon.  At least we did not try to mix bleach and ammonia together.

Anyway, the grout looks very good after bleaching it.  I have to let it dry completely before sealing it later this afternoon.  That is good since I feel a bit light headed.  I am also sure that the bleach fumes were great for my lungs.  At least I smell like freshly laundered hotel sheets.  Hopefully after the tile is sealed I will not have to engage in this project for another year.

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  1. January 20, 2008 6:25 am

    I really hate the smell of bleach and was afraid that my Italian OH would be, um, offended if I didn’t clean with it all the time–Italian women are *notorious* for their obsessive cleaning you know.

    BUT I lucked out and found a guy who actually gets nauseous from the smell of bleach! Woohoo!

    I mean for me, not so much for him.

    Anyway, I hope your floor is a-sparklin’ and that everyone has come down safely from the high 😉

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