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Farewell to 2008

December 31, 2008

Another year is almost in the books and 2008 has been a very good year! Most importantly both Becky and I were healthy during the prior 12 months.    We were also able to travel to Savannah, Georgia for a mini-break and also took a nice relaxing trip up to the mountains of North Carolina this summer.

Concerning our little bungalow, we had a little scare following some heavy rain that caused a leak in our roof but thanks to our homeowners policy we were able to have the damage repaired.  We also continued to work on the inside of it, painting moldings, changing out hardware and prettying things up here and there.  The only major project we have left is to tackle the kitchen but that will have to wait for now.

On the animal front we enter 2009 with two fewer pets.  Willie was the first to go after attacking Molly our dachshund and almost killing her.  Molly was okay following some great care she received from our local vet but that could not change the inevitable.  I felt bad sending him to the pound but had to make that tough decision for fear of what he would do to another animal, a small child or my wife.

Brookers also moved out this year.  She never really adjusted to living with our other cat and two dogs and following a couple instances of finding feces where there should not have been any we found her a new home.  I hope she is doing better there and that she is able to live out her life peacefully.

As for the other three, Jackson, Molly and Sadie-Mae are all doing well and really love our new fenced in yard.  The two dogs, Jackson and Molly like to run around and dig holes while our cat/dog Sadie likes to saunter along the top of the fence.

The biggest news of 2008 was that we got pregnant and are now awaiting the arrival of Mason sometime in early January!  Since finding out in May our year has been dominated by preparing for his arrival, renovating the middle room into a nursery and dealing with the many changes that accompany pregnancy.  It has been a wonderful experience and has made Becks and my relationship even stronger.   I have enjoyed reading the books, watching him grow on the sonogram pictures and going to Becks’ doctors appointments with her.  I cannot wait to be a dad and with Becks am looking forward to raising our little boy.

Looking ahead to 2009 I hope that despite having no idea what we are doing we can manage to take care of Mason and know that watching him arrive and grow will be the highlight of my year.  I also expect there will be many baby related entries in 2009.  I  pray that Becks, myself and our families continue to be healthy,  our marriage continues to grow and strengthen, that we can do a few more projects  around the house, and continue to work on the yard.  I hope that Florida State can build on its 9-4 record and make a push back onto the national stage.  2008 was a very good year and I hope that 2009 is even better.

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  1. Romi permalink
    January 4, 2009 1:47 pm

    Happy New Year, and I’m so excited for your new arrival!! 🙂

    Thank you and Happy New Year to you too! We cannot wait for him to get here and with each passing day it appears he is going to try and wait for his due date on the 8th. For Becks’ sake I hope he comes early!

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