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Julia is One Month Old

June 3, 2010

Julia turned one month old today at 12:14 P.M.  This month has flown by and it feels like we were just getting ready to head to the hospital to welcome our new baby girl into this world! Since she arrived there have been lots of dirty diapers, shirts with spit-up all over them and sleepless nights but I have loved every minute of it.

Julia has changed a lot in a month.  She is starting to lift her head up and is very inquisitive as to her surroundings.  She has the prettiest blue eyes and they dart around looking for what made a noise of moved.  After a rough start of being up every 2 hours she is starting to sleep longer, sometimes up to 4 hours at a time.  Of course, I have spoiled her in order to sleep at night she needs to be held.  Becky gets upset at me for this but before I know it she’ll be packing up and heading off to college! I’ve already registered her for preschool at Little Angels.  I spoke with a woman named Miss Connie this morning and she told me they look forward to seeing her in a year or two! Oh the stresses of modern parenthood.

Anyway, I know she is only 1 month old, but it feels different being her dad than Mason’s.  It’s not better or worse, it’s just different.  Mason is now a little boy and although I don’t want him to get hurt I do want him to explore, get dirty and do all the rough things little boys do. With Julia I want to hold her, keep her safe, and and protect her.  I love my little girl so much!

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