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VBS Day 2: Chasing Children

June 22, 2010

Vacation Bible School got underway last night.  This year’s theme is Beach Blast and we had 31 kids in attendance to start thing off and tonight we topped that number with 34!

Becks volunteered us to help out in the little kid room (0-2 years old) with Amanda Sapp. In addition to watching Mason and Julia we also watched McKenzie and Kelsey.  McKenzie slept until snack time while Mason and Kelsey played on the ground with the various toys in the nursery.  Mason kept himself busy pushing a truck around and eating Goldfish crackers while Julia slept and Kelsey played with a cash register.

The kids eventually became restless and we took them to the big room.  We decided to skip the craft portion of the evening since it consisted of making key chains full of colored sand as Becks and I knew it would be poured out in the car in a matter of minutes.  

Instead we let Mason play around with the big kids while Julia got passed around to various church members.  Julia did not even notice what was going on as she slept until just as we were getting ready to go home. 

After being quiet for so long she screamed the entire way home until we could get her out of her car seat and feed her a bottle.  Mason was exhausted from all the playing and went to bed without making a peep. 

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