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Angie and Travis Arrive

July 2, 2010

This evening our friends Angie and Travis arrived from Atlanta, Georgia for the weekend.  Their ride down was fairly uneventful except that they picked up a speeding ticket in Omega, Georgia outside of Tifton.  Small Georgia towns are famous for not posting speed limit signs when the rate of travel decreases and she got bagged. Thankfully the police office was understanding of the situation and handed her a ticket for only $150.00.

Angie and Travis have not seen Julia and last saw Mason in April of 2009.  They were very excited to see the kids and brought them some gifts.  Julia received a pretty little jumper and a hat while Mason got a puppy dog that sings, dances and says “I love you!” Mason enjoyed carrying his new bear around the living room and giving it hugs before we got him ready for bed. 

Once we had Mason down for the night we kicked back in the living, had a couple of cold drinks and talked.  Becky and Angie did most of the talking while Travis and I did most of the drinking.  It is nice to have them down for the weekend and I hope that it turns out to be a good one.

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