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Happy 234th Birthday America!

July 4, 2010

Julia's first 4th of July

In addition to being the 234th Birthday of our country today was also the Gentlemen’s Finals at Wimbledon.  While a fresh pot of coffee dripped away on the counter I made a bowl of fresh whipped cream. Earlier I had sliced some strawberries, sprinkled some sugar on them and chilled them in the fridge.  Together with a mimosa they would make a nice breakfast for our guest.  Becks and Angie were not interested in the match and on the porch while Travis and I watched Raphael Nadal make short work of Tomas Berdych.

Steve and Charlotte arrived at our house a little before noon and we packed up to head over to their friend’s camp on the Withlacoochee River. The river runs along the eastern border of Madison County before joining with the Suwanee near Ellasville and is largely undeveloped.  Mr. Raymond’s camp was located off of S.R. 6, north of Blue Springs, and consisted of several RV’s and a cookhouse. 

After saying hello we made our way down to the river so Mason could swim. At first he wanted nothing to do with the water and would only play in it if he was firmly attached to my chest like a barnacle.  It soon became too difficult to keep him, me and my Bud Light above water, so I set him on the shore. 

Charlotte was standing next to me and told him to show me what he learned at swimming lessons. She counted “1,2, 3!”  and by 3 he was barreling into the water.  He jumped around in the water, ran around on the sand bar and chased after the three little girls playing on the shore. He soon became fearless and we had to grab him before he plunged into the deeper water.  Watching him enjoy himself and splash around in the river was the highlight of my day!

We called it a day when his lips turned blue and his teeth started chattering.  Of course he did not want to leave and he squalled as I carried him up the steep set of stairs leading from the riverbank to the camp.  After drying off we loaded up and headed back to Monticello.

The rest of the day consisted of hanging out at the house, playing a little bocce with Becks, and grilling under our live oak.   It was a good 4th of July.

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