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The Quest for Juice

July 6, 2010

I was sipping a cup of coffee leaning against the counter in the kitchen when Mason strolled in. After the obligatory “Hi daddy!” with accompanying wave he walked over the to refrigerator. “Juuss!” he exclaimed as his hands clasped around the door handle and leaned back. The door swung open and he fell onto his bottom with a dull thud.

Mason is at the stage where he loves to take thingd out of cabinets and arranging them neatly on the floor. Instead of running over, closing the door, and telling him no I watched to see what he would do on his first journey into the refrigerator. He had a big smile on his face as he got back to his feet. This place was a gold mine!

He set his eyes on the condiments kept on the inside of the door as if he was looking for something special. He then began to take them out one by one and set them on the floor. Ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, mojo, chocolate sauce and mayonnaise were all plopped onto the floor as he emptied the shelf.

He turned around to admire his work, gave me another wave, and then grabbed the last item on the door with two hands. It was his bottle of apple juice. He tilted his head back, and tried to take a drink out of the container. I think this was what he was after all along.

With the apple juice firmly clasped in his hands I put all the other items back into the refrigerator and closed the door. After filling his sippy cup up with some juice he wandered off into the livingroom on another adventure.

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