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Making Blueberry Jam

July 11, 2010

Double, double, toil and trouble...

I picked up a couple of packets of pectin in Thomasville and this afternoon decided to try my hand making blueberry jam.  The directions were contained in the pectin box and called for 4 cups of mashed blueberries, 4 cups of sugar, 2 tbs of lemon juice and 1 box of pectin.

I mashed the blueberries up using a potato masher and a slotted spoon.  Once I had 4 cups I dumped them into a large pot, added in the lemon juice, and placed it on the stove.  I then gradually stirred in the pectin and heated the mixture over medium high heat until it was at a rolling boil. 

The jam is ready to be poured into jars

At this point I added the sugar and continued to stir as the blueberry mixture became a  deep brilliant purple and started to look more and more like jam. Once a second boil was reached I let it bubble away for an additional minute before taking it off the heat and pouring it into jars.  I was supposed to get 6 jars from a batch but ended up with 7 1/4. 

I decided to use the 1/4 of a jar as a sample and processed the other 7 in a hot water bath.  While the jars jostled in the hot water for 10 minutes I had Becks and Mason try the jam.  They both liked it and Mason wanted more than the spoonful I gave him.  When the timer went off I removed the jam from the boiling water and allowed it to cool. 

It took a little over an hour to make the batch from mashing the berries to taking the jars out of the hot water.  When the jars were cool I pressed down on the lids to see if any of them popped up.  Thankfully all 7 jars processed correctly and I can give them out to friends and family!

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