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Day Care Drama Averted

July 14, 2010

With Ms. Cherrie taking all of next week off to visit her dying grandma in Arkansas we had to find alternative daycare for our two babies.  Our first option was to take time off from work to watch them ourselves.  However, since Becks has been back at work for less than two weeks and I used up all my vacation time while she was on maternity leave we could not do this.

After giving it some thought I called my grandparents down in Tampa on Sunday night to see if they wanted to watch the kids.  They initially said they would come up and keep them for a couple of days but on Monday told me they would be unable to come up since my Nana was planning to fly up to New Hampshire to see my Uncle Al.  This afternoon their plans changed again and my Papa told me Nana was not going to fly out, and that they could watch Mason and Julia.

I am happy that they are coming up to watch the kids.  This will make things easier next week as we will not have to fuss with getting them out of the house. Mason can also hang out with his great-grandparents and teach them the joys of “choo-choo!”.

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