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Our Dryer Vent is Finally Installed

July 19, 2010

I went to Lowes during my lunch break to pick up the final items I needed to finish installer our dryer vent.  These included another 8 foot section of duct, some strapping to suspend it from the ceiling and a connector to hook one duct up to another.  In total it set me back about $18.00.

When I got home I threw on some grubby clothes and cut one of the ventilation grates so I could install the louvered dryer vent with pest guard.  This was easier than busting through concrete block and I made short work of it with a large pair of shears.  With the vent installed I pried open the door to our crawl space and slid under the house. Before heading under I made sure to collect all the tools I need including a hammer, nails, screwdriver, spray foam insulation, utility knife and of course, a flashlight. 

After making my way to where the first piece of duct work came down from the dryer I set to work attaching the connector and the second piece of duct work.  I made sure the duct would reach the outlet and then attached it to the vent with a clamp.  I then suspended the duct work with nylon strapping, nailing it to the joist.  The final bit of work consisted of sealing the hole where the duct came through the floor and then around the vent. 

It took me a little over an hour to complete the job and I am happy to say that it came out very well. 

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