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James May’s Life Sized Lego House

August 9, 2010

I was flipping through the channels a week or two ago when I ran across an advertisement for a show on BBC America called James May’s Toy Stories. James May is one of the host on Top Gear which is a great show about cars and his newest project followed him as he tried to take toys he grew up with to the next level.

One episode had him creating the world’s largest slot car track following the layout of Brooklands. Another had him building a 1:1 model Spitfire plastic model kit. The episode that was sitting on my DVR this evening chronicled his attempt to build a two-story house out of Legos.

Growing up I loved Legos. I loved buying the kits, building them and then playing with them for hours. I know that I thought it would be cool to build a life-sized house out of Legos when I was little and I am sure I was not the only kid who had this thought cross their mind. 

Unfortunately unlike Mr. May I did not have access to 3 1/2 million Lego bricks, a village for slave labor or a place to build it. It was very interesting watching them design and build the Lego house. Part of the challenge was that May had to spend one night in the house after it was completed.  To this end they included a working toilet, sink, bed and even Lego slippers.

Following the completion of the Lego House no one wanted it. Legoland did not want to transport it due to hight costs so it was eventually demolished.  One good thing that came out of its demise was that all the bricks used to build it were donated to various charities for children to kindle their love of Legos.

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