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Alec Baldwin is Sir Topham Hatt

August 10, 2010

There are numerous things that divide people in this world. Religion, ethnicity and race are among the more explosive items. However, there are many other smaller issues that can act as a wedge. Which sport team an individual supports (Red Sox/Yankees), whether they are a Coke or Pepsi person, and if they prefer their toilet paper to roll over the top or come out under.

Being the parent of a 19 month old I have discovered another, who does the best Sir Topham Hatt voice on Thomas and Friends. Sprout shows versions that has three people doing the voice of the leader of the Sodor Railroad Mafia, George Carlin, Alec Baldwin and some other schlub. Baldwin embodies what Sir Topham Hatt is, an arrogant man who controls an entire island’s transportation system with an iron fist. Alec Baldwin is the fat controller and his voice is Sir Topham Hatt’s voice. Carlin’s version is better than the guy’s name I cannot recall, but far inferior to Baldwin’s. 

While I belive the winner in the Sir Topham Hatt voice competition is clear-cut my fraternity brother who has two small girls of his own is in the Carlin camp. It is the completely wrong opinion bordering on insanity.  This gulf in rational thought I fear could lead to a chilling of relations on Facebook and other social networking sites unless saner opinions prevail.

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