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Bryan(t) Family Reunion 2010

August 14, 2010

Today was the annual Bryan(t) Family Reunion at Stephen F. Foster State Park in White Springs, Florida.  Getting out of the house was a little crazy and as usual, as soon as we changed Miss Julia into her outfit she spit-up all over herself. Despite this delay and Mason wanting to run around instead of get into the car we were on the road by 9:00 a.m.

Things were going pretty well until we hit a heavy rain squall near the I-10/I-75 interchange.  It was coming down very hard and I was concentrating so hard on not hydroplaning off the road that I missed the exit.  I did not realize the mistake until I saw a sign that said “Baker County”.  I turned to Becks and asked where exactly the state park was.  She punched it into her GPS and the digital voice told us it was 20 miles west.

Uncle Kinsey and Miss Julia

Following the 40 mile detour we arrived at the family reunion right as people were starting to eat. There was tons of Southern food including fried catfish, fried grouper, pinto beans, black-eyed peas, collards and cakes of every shape and size. I made a plate for Mason and I while Becks said hello to her family and showed off the newest addition to our family.

Mason really liked the catfish and pinto beans and after he finished eating went off to play with Peyton and the other big kids. I hung out with Steve and Becky’s cousin Billy.  We talked about the upcoming college football season and it was pretty spirited since Steve is a Gator fan, Billy goes for the Hurricanes and I bleed garnet and gold.

Poole Pond Cemetery

We stayed for about three hours and loaded up the car just as Mason was starting to get tired.  Instead of heading straight home Becks wanted to search for the Bryan(t) family graveyard.  She had unearthed some new information about this side of the family. Apparently her distant relative was Easter Bryan and during the War Between the States she gave birth to a son named James Courtney Bryant. One problem was that he husband, Mr. Bryan had died a couple of years before James’ birth. The mystery is now who was his daddy (scandalous!) and why he added a t to the end of his name.   

With regards to the cemetary, it was located on Poole Pond Road.  I was expecting it to be down a beautiful country road lined with live oaks. Instead we were led into the middle of an industrial complex owned by PotashCorp.  The directions we had were poor and we missed the cemetery twice.  On our way up we noticed a small side road and drove down it.  It was surrounded by a chain link fence and the grass surrounding the graves was thigh high.  Becky was scared of getting bit by a snake and I was afraid that since the ground was soft our car would get stuck. I know she really wanted to get up close to the grave markers but she had to settle for some pictures. 

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