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Our New A/C Ducts Are Cool

August 20, 2010

Yesterday morning Mr. Leonard and his sidekick got to the house to begin installing the new air conditioning ducts.  I showed them where we wanted the 17 inch tube to go up into the attic and talked to him about where he planned to place the vents.  He called me a little after 3:00 p.m. to tell me they had installed all but one boot and would finish the job on Friday.

When I got home this afternoon it was pouring rain.  I walked in the front door and to my surprise saw no one.  As I walked into the kitchen I could hear someone under the house and went to look out the back windows to see what was going on.  There were 6 guys covered in mud and old insulation pulling the old ductwork out from under the house. I thought I was going to have to do that some weekend and was very happy that someone else was taking care of it.

Once the rain stopped the old duct work was loaded up into two trucks and hauled away.  Leonard and Little Jimmy came into the house and turned on the a/c.  In a few moments cold air was blowing out into all the rooms of our house unobstructed by furniture sitting on top of the vents.  We did a final walk-through of the house and as we did closed the registers in the floor. 

Normally when the air conditioning is off for a couple of hours it take forever for the house to cool down.  However, with the new vents and ductwork the temperature began to drop immediately and in a little over three hours the house had gone from 85 degrees to 74. When it reached 74 the system turned off. I cannot remember the last time the a/c turned off in the middle of August during the day. Usually it would run, and run, and run, and never get down to the proper temperature. 

I am very happy with the work of Leonard and the guys from Harper Revell and would recommend them to anyone looking to have their air conditioning system worked on.  The new duct work will save our wood floors from any additional damage. I am also interested to see how much impact on our electricity bill the new ducts have as compared to the 40-year-old leaky ones they replaced.

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