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A Day of Ups and Downs

August 21, 2010

I helped them load their bags into the car and then waved as I walked back to the house.  Becks and her friend Courtney were headed for a weekend in Savannah, Georgia while I was responsible for keeping the house in one piece and the kids from bodily harm. The day was very low-key as we hung around the house in our pj’s, watched Thomas and Friends, and played trucks.

When Thomas was over and the trucks were parked behind the pillows on the couch we had grits for breakfast. This was followed by a shower during which I extracted them from Mason’s hair.  It took me about 20 minutes to get them all out, and I as searched his hair for each individual grit I felt like one of those gorillas on nature shows who groom another member of the pack, picking bugs out of their fur.  The only difference between me and the gorilla was that I was not ingesting the grits after finding them.

While Julia was taking a nap Mason and I read books in his room.  He sat through one and then it quickly turned into wrestle daddy and climb all over his back time. He was having a blast crawling over me, throwing pillows around and pretending to go sleepy. His laugh is wonderful and he had a lot of fun.

During Mason’s nap I attempted to put one of the louvered doors that hides the washer and dryer in the kitchen back into place. The pin had popped out from the bottom and the multiple layers of peel and stick tile made it difficult to navigate it back into place.  While the top was in place I gave the bottom a little shove and then heard a crack. The pin at the top busted through the front of the door and rendered it unusable. I was upset. I took the other door down, since only have one looked ridiculous, and admired how ghetto our kitchen looked.  Becks is not going to be happy.

The kids woke up about 45 minutes later and as I prepared dinner in the kitchen I was snacking on hummus.  I offered Mason some and he put it on his finger. Instead of popping it in his mouth he went in search of his duck pillow. He then dragged it into the kitchen and proceeded to feed his duck the hummus. He asked for some more and I humored him with one more small scoop.  Apparently Mr. Duck was full after the second serving as he did not ask for an additional helping.

The night ended on a downer. I was changing Julia and Mason was in her room. We were playing “Where’s Mason” as he hid behind her crib and then popped out with a big smile on his face. One second he was laughing and then the next he was screaming. Jackson was on top of him and blood was running down Mason’s face. I kicked the dog off of Mason, scooped him up,  and ran him into the bathroom. I was angry and Mason was crying and saying “daddy” over and over. I grabbed a washout cloth and cleaned him up.  What I first thought was a bite turned out to be a scrape from Jackson’s toenail on his cheek. He also had a scrape by his nose and on his leg. I have no idea what happened but am thankful it was not serious.

Charlotte and Steve stopped and wanted to see the little man. Mason refused to go back to sleep after they left and I had to rock him in my arms on the couch until he calmed down.  Eventually he curled up in a little ball on my lap, sucking his thumb until he drifted off to sleep. It had been an eventful day and when Becks gets back tomorrow we will have to have a talk about what to do with our very jealous Jack Russell Terrier.

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