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So Much For Change I Can Believe In

August 25, 2010

On the way to drop off Mason and Julia at day care I stopped in front of the Supervisor of Election’s Office to see the results of last night’s primary.  I was most concerned with the local school board race since the others voted in were either statewide, or in the case of the Circuit Court Judge race, included voters outside of Jefferson County .

There were three cars in front of the office with their driver’s eyes turned towards the names scrolling across the digital board.  Next to each name was a vote tally of what each candidate got within their county or district.  Scott beat McCollum, Rubio crushed his opponents, Leinbeck carried his home turf, and Tom Vogelgesang won another term.

Finally the school board results were coming! Julia McBee received 344 votes and Shirley Washington received 380.  By a mere 36 votes Ms. Washington retained her school board seat. I was in disbelief. Despite our failing schools, and our district’s financial situation she had been able to secure reelection. Ridiculous.

I called Becks to report on the results of the school board race. After informing her that Ms. McBee had lost she said that no one in our district had any right to complain about the schools as we were getting what we deserved.  For the sake of the children I do hope our county schools improve, but based upon past performance, and the current make-up of the school board, I am not optimistic.  

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  1. magnoliablossom permalink
    August 31, 2010 3:30 pm

    Which is also why we called a realtor!

  2. Dana Moxley permalink
    August 31, 2010 8:54 pm

    Time is on your side. Be at the school board meetings. I would be willing to back Mike Bonfanti for School Board in 2014. Til then we can be at the meetings. The schools do need to improve and it takes parents like you and Becks to make those changes happen by holding the people in office accountable. Shirley Washington won, now let her explain “All Children are Special”, when in education today SPECIAL means retarded. Does she think that of the students? Just what is her message?

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