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Exploring Our Options

August 28, 2010

For sometime Becks and I have talked about putting our house on the market. Right now the market is pretty miserable, but  our house has character and is in a great location so we figured it was a good time to explore our options.  I called up Steve Walker of Steve Walker realty and he came over this morning to check things out.

Mr. Walker knew the house since he had sold it two times in the past.  He said we had done a lot of work to it since it was last sold in 2005 and liked the hardwood floors.  He also liked the updated bathroom off of the master bedroom. Mr. Walker said it was a very functional house in its layout as sometimes older homes can had odd floorplans.

After the tour we sat in the living room and talked about the current market. He said that homes in the $125,000 and under price range were moving. He noted that a house down the street recently sold for $115,000 and that based upon that square footage price ours could be placed on the market somewhere between $155,000 and $160,000.

Before a final asking price could be set he wanted to speak with some people in his office.  He told us he would call us early next week and that we could go from there.  I am looking forward to hearing from him and Becks and I need to sit down and figure out exactly how we want to proceed. 

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