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Mason’s New Game

August 30, 2010

While Becks was up in Savannah Mason and I were playing on his bed reading a book.  After I finished with the story it turned into the jump all over daddy and hit him with pillows game.  At one point he was sitting on my chest and then he grabbed my nose. I laughed and said “Nose, nose, nose!” I lowered my voice with each passing nose and the last one was fairly deep sounding.  Mason thought it was hilarious and a new game was born.

For the rest of the evening whenever he was in my lap we played the nose game.  He would turn towards me, squeeze my nose and wait for me to say the magic words.  He would laugh and then try to mimic my voice.  It was very cute.

The nose game has now been extended to other people.  He likes to play with his momma and has also tried to make Jules play along.  She usually scrunches up her face and screams when he grabs her nose.  Most recently he also tried to play with Mr. Wilder when we brought him homemade blueberry jam.  Mr. Fred leaned over to say hello to Mason, and he latched onto his nose pretty quick.  Mr. Fred was surprised, but played along with Mason until it was time to leave.

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