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Julia is 4 Months Old

September 3, 2010

Julia turned 4 months old today, she is growing so fast! We took her into Dr. Deem’s office a couple of days ago for a check-up and she weighed 13.8 pounds and was 24 ¾ inches long. The check-up went well right up until the end where she got 2 shots.  Jules turned beet red after the first one and screamed until I took her outside.

The biggest development in the past month is that Julia is sleeping through the night (most of the time). It is really nice being able to get 6 to 7 hours of sleep uninterrupted and it makes for a much more pleasant morning.

Jules is also rolling all around. When Mason is napping we put her on the floor so she can have some tummy time without having to worry about her brother giving her “hugs” and crushing her. She looks like she wants to start scooting and she holds her head up so well on her own.

Our little girl is also very happy. Whenever she sees her momma or me she gives us a big smile.  She laughs when she is getting dressed and hates a wet diaper. She will let us know if there is one drop in it and will not stop fussing until it is changed.  Miss Julia also still loves to be held and usually right before bed she has to be snuggled up with one of us before heading off to bed.

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