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New Hardware for the Kitchen Cabinets

September 7, 2010

After work I ran by Lowes to pick up handles for the kitchen cabinets. We settled on ones that look like something you would see in a house in the 1920’s or 1930’s.  The ones for the drawers are rounded and look like something from an apothecary while the door handles we liked were simple d shaped ones.

I thought the door handles looked a little too modern and while I was trying to find the right drawer handles ran across something I liked a little more. I sent Becks a picture of it and she said she liked the first one better.  I still thought the second one looked better since it was larger and would look more at home on the large cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling.  As a result, I bought one of the second one to bring home and try out.

When I walked in the door Becks said that the ones I picked out were not as appealing as the first choice.  However, after putting each of them on the cabinets, and stepping back to have a look we both agreed the second choice looked better in our kitchen.  I am happy that I ran across them and will head back to Lowes tomorrow to get 13 more just like it so we can finish up our kitchen.

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