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Florida State vs. Brigham Young

September 18, 2010

Not so fast my friend

I did absolutely nothing all day except make a pot of coffee, grab some lunch and watch college football.  It started with ESPN College GameDay, progressed to the local ACC game of the week, moved onto the Florida State vs. BYU, and ended with some sloppy turnover filled football in the desert.

While I spent the day on the couch with the dogs, some Motrin and the remote Becky kept the kids entertained. Things worked out pretty well until 3:30 p.m. when Mason started clamoring for choo-choo.  Of course this was the exact time Florida State kicked off so I had to employ my parenting skills. I hit record on the DVR and then we would watch an episode or 2 of Thomas and Friends. I would then watch a series or two of the game before having to watch another choo-choo adventure. 

This went on until it was time for Mason’s nap.  About the time he went to sleep the Seminoles finally woke up after a disappointing first half and started laying the wood to the boys from Utah.  By the end of the 3rd quarter FSU was up 24-10, and they tacked on another 7 in the 4th for good measure making the final score 34-10. Jones and Thompson had a great day running the ball and Ponder looked much more comfortable in this game than he did against OU last week. 

Florida State is now 2-1 on the season and has its first ACC game next week against Wake Forest. The ‘Noles have not beaten Wake at Doak since 2005. Thankfully Reilly Skinner is gone and the days of them beating us at football are over. It would be nice to see FSU hang 70 on the Deacs, but I will be happy with a solid performance and a 1-0 record to open conference play.

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