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Avoid “An Education”

October 1, 2010

Becks ordered An Education off of Netflix and this evening after the kids were in bed we popped it in the DVD player.  The back of the envelope said it was a coming of age story set in London during the 1960’s and was curious about the movie. It followed a young girl in high school who is pursued and eventually falls in love with a man much older than her.  He eventually persuades her to marry him and give up her dreams of going to Oxford.

Watching it on the screen it was much creepier. The older man was played by the grave-digger from Garden State who portrayed his character so well it made me uncomfortable.  He made his living by stealing items from the elderly and the bedroom scenes with him and the girl were just wrong.

In the end after the young girl has dropped out of prep school to marry the creepy man who preys on the elderly she learns he is married and has a family a couple of streets over from where she grew up.  She then turns back to her dream of Oxford and of course gets accepted after a montage of hard studying.

Just because something is nominated for an Academy Award does not mean it is good and this was a perfect example. I was not a fan of this movie and it was a rather painful couple of hours. The only things that made it bearable was that I suffered through it with Becks and had a couple of cold beers to dull the pain of this film.

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