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Kids Bounce at Ollie Wallie’s While ‘Noles Roll Over Cavs

October 2, 2010

The birthday boy!

Mikey Rubin’s birthday party was held this afternoon at Ollie Wallie’s Super Bouncy House O’ Fun in Tallahassee. Dress was casual and the guest were expected to arrive promptly at noon for a few hours of fun complete with pizza, birthday cake and gift bags. The party was scheduled at the exact time Florida State was set to kick off against Virginia.  However, since he is only 4 and the ACC does not set kickoff times far enough out to responsibly schedule a birthday party I set the DVR to record the game, and joined Becks and the kids in Tallytown.

Upon entering Ollie Wallie’s Fun Center (the real name, I added the other words on for dramatic impact) it still felt like an Ashley Fine Furniture store.  In my mind I could picture rows of couches, dining room sets and beds. However, all these things were gone and in their place were multiple inflatable bouncy things, a food court and birthday party rooms.  Kids zoomed all around but before Mason could join the fray we had to be tagged. We were all given numbered wrist bands and told to remove our shoes. I complied with the wrist band portion while Mason happily obliged to both. Moments later he set to work pulling off his identification band. It was the kind you get when you go to a bar and he made short work of it.

Zoe and Mason in Tot Town

Officially off the grid, Mason was reluctant at first to join the kids in the Tiny Tots Dora Explorer Bouncy Jungle.  He prefered to mingle with the ladies in Tot Town and show off his prowess for placing blocks in the flexible tunnel. While he played on the floor the drone of electric motor keeping the bouncy things bouncy filled the air.  I sat there holding Jules as she spit up on me and wondered whether or not the ‘Noles were winning. Moments later Seth came over and told me the FSU game was on the television in the food court.

I told Becks I would be right back and headed over to check out the score. Tables were lined up in front of the televisions and men eagerly crowded around them. If Ollie Wallie’s sold beer and did not have cartoon hippopotamuses on the walls it would have felt like a sports bar. It was early in the first quarter and the Seminoles were winning 3-0.  After watching the Cavaliers sputter on offense I went back to join Becks and Mason in Tot Town.  Seth gave me score updates whenever he sprinted after Mikey and I knew we would pummel the smart kids from UVA.

Frosting Monster

Mason eventually went into the bouncy jungle and it was fun watching him jump all over the place. I had to go in after him so he could have some lunch. He was not very happy, but his mood improved noticeably once he had a slice of pepperoni pizza. The highlight of the afternoon was watching Mason eat some birthday cake.  He got into it, literally and stuffed frosting up his nose and all over his face. Of course once his little hands were covered in icing he came after me and wanted me to pick him up. It was a struggle to get him clean, but I managed to get him de-frosted.

The birthday party was fun and it was good to see the Rubins. The Seminoles also made short work of the Cavs and led at the half 27-0 at the half and rolled for an easy 34-14 victory.  The ‘Noles are now 4-1 (2-0 ACC) and will meet Miami next week.  I am really looking forward to that game, and with a late kick-off time there will be no potential birthday party conflicts.

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  1. magnoliablossom permalink
    October 6, 2010 10:49 am

    Gosh, where was I during all of this…you make it sound like I did nothing during the whole two hours!

  2. October 6, 2010 12:20 pm

    What are you talking about darling? You were swapping babies with me and getting covered in Julia puke. I just write it from my perspective! 🙂

  3. courtney permalink
    October 6, 2010 6:34 pm

    for the record, we originally had the party scheduled for later in the day and due to soccer game conflicts, we had to change it (and then that game got changed to the morning – it was a huge pain in the butt)! believe me, seth was not the happiest camper either when he realized the time but I called and arranged for football to be shown for all the dads (I didn’t really, but I knew they wouldn’t leave you guys without the football games – that’s why they have the tvs)! 🙂

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