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It Gets Diluted

October 4, 2010

Lately we have Mason on a pretty good schedule. We come home, eat dinner, play in the living room or outside, watch some choo-choo and then take a bath.  Getting him into the tub used to be an ordeal. It usually included chasing a naked baby through the living room, and dining room before he was corned in a Jules’ room.  When he had no where else to run he would collapse into a giggling pile, and I would have to drag him into the bathroom.

I am not sure what happened but all of the sudden he loves baths! I asked him if he wanted to take one this evening and a big smile came on his face. The next second he is running towards the tub while saying “Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!” I chased after him, and as I filled the tub up with warm soapy water he climbed into it with his shorts on. He grabbed his duck-duck and stood still while I got the shorts off of him. 

I sat on the toilet and watched as he peed into the water. He laughed and then sat down amongst the pee covered bubble to play with his toys.  I am also sure he’s not the first kid to pee in his bath water and at this point I had a couple of options. I did what any self-respecting dad would do, and added some more water to the tub. I figured the additional water would dilute the pee to an acceptable level. Plus there really was no sense in wasting all of the water and bubbles. 

After 20 minutes he was starting to turn into a prune and was done with his bath. I drained the tub, and he climbed out on his own. He then went into his bedroom where he climbed onto the bed so I could put on his diaper.  Becks joined us and we read a book. I then turned on his music while she put him in bed. He was not entirely happy to be headed off to Sleepy Land, but after a few minutes of fussing he was out.

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  1. Patti Strelow Wegmann permalink
    October 6, 2010 7:29 pm

    LOL!!!! (((Memories))) =0) Hooray Dad!!! A little pee never hurt any of my kids either!!! LOL!!!!

  2. courtney permalink
    October 9, 2010 9:49 am

    just wait until he is potty training and tells you he has to pee while in the bathtub. you frantically try to pull him out without getting all wet from the bath water, just to have him pee in your face as you try to make it to the toilet. sigh, good times.

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