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A Night at the Deep South Fair

October 6, 2010

Meme, Mason and his balloon

The Deep South Fair opened this evening up in Thomasville, Georgia.  Becks had read something about it earlier in the week and after picking up the kids and Charlotte we headed up U.S. 19 to check it out. It was held at the fairgrounds on Pavo Road and when we pulled into the lot there were a good number of cars already there.

Tickets were $5 for adults and kids under five got in for free.  After walking through an area where various local businesses had set up booths we stopped to check out the animals. There were chickens, goats, donkeys and cows lying around in pens littered with saw dust. Mason was pretty subdued at we navigated his stroller near the pens.  When we got to one hold two young bulls he grabbed some hay and tried to feed them. One bull was braver and made his way over to Mason to grab a snack. He grabbed the hay with his tongue and in the process covered Mason’s hand in cow drool. The bull then licked Mason’s head as he bent over to pick up more straw giving him an honest to goodness cow lick. Mason loved it! 

Feeding the bull with Mason

Becks then wanted to walk around the Midway and take Mason on some rides. We figured to start out tame and made our way to the carousel. After handing the man some tickets Becks got on with Mason. They were the only ones on the ride and the man let me snap a few pictures of Mason and Becks before it started spinning. Mason did great on the horse until it moved. At that point he jumped off into Becky’s arms and started screaming. He has a good set of lungs and you could hear his screams over the music. Tears were streaming down his face and he was petrified. The ride ended early and we calmed him down.

Having not learned our lesson Becks thought the mini-flying dragon ride would be good. This time as soon as he was strapped in he turned back towards me and Charlotte and tried to lunge out of the car. The ride started and he was crying and screaming. It was the worst three minutes of his young life.  With rides out of the equation we grabbed some fair food, cotton candy and a funnel cake. Mason did not like the cotton candy but was a huge fan of the funnel cake.

Mason and Becks on the carousel

With our stomachs full of sugar and grease we stopped by the Parks at Chehaw booth. The girls were really nice to him and let him pet a little rat they had brought to the fair. He was tan, brown and white and Mason thought he was the coolest thing. The little guy let Mason pet him and then scurried up the girl’s shoulder.  Mason sat there petting the rat with a big smile on his face.  It was the highlight of his night.

The kids started to both look sleeping after the rat encounter and we headed for the exit.  Charlotte said that although the Deep South Fair was small, it was just enough fair, and she was right.  We had a lot of fun showing Mason the animals and maybe next year he’ll be ready to tackle the carousel.

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