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Stale Popcorn is a Hit with the Kids

October 7, 2010

Miss Julia is too little for popcorn, but enjoyed the fair last night

On our way out of the fair I gave the local Boy Scout Troop a couple of bucks for a bag of popcorn. I knew it was from a bag they bought at some big box store, but it was more about giving them a tiny donation to travel to a jamboree, or hire an instructor to show them how to tie a proper box knot than the popcorn. While Mason sat on the John Deere tractor that was on display and pretended to drive I ate a few pieces.

When we got home I folded over the top and left it on the counter. The bag the popcorn came in was not airtight, and by the morning it was pretty stale. While Mason double fisted a cup of milk and some apple juice he noticed the red and blue bag on the counter. He pointed at it and said “bite!” so I obliged. He looked at me with a big smile and said “Mmmmmm!” Not wanting to spoil his breakfast Becks packed it up in his bag to take to day care.

Eating stale popcorn is big in the Under-2 community, and when we picked Mason up Ms. Cherrie said that he and his little friend Autumn ate the rest of the bag as their snack.   Mason smelled like popcorn when we loaded him into the car and had actually had a piece stuck in his hair.

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