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A Weekend with Nana and Papa

October 10, 2010

Nana and Mt. Vesuvius baby just prior to eruption

Nana and Papa came up on Friday to spend some time with their great-grandchildren.  Nana spoiled Julia and held her whenever she was not sleeping or playing on the floor.  I was very happy that they came up, and it turned out to be blessing for us when they agreed to watch Mason and Julia on Saturday while we went car shopping.  Looking for a new car was a long day, and it would have been even longer with two small kids in tow  It was also nice to spend the morning and afternoon with just Becks. 

This morning Papa woke me up and handed me my daughter.  She had just spit up most of her breakfast and smelled like milk and baby sweat. I cradled her in one arm like a football and went looking for Becks. She was nowhere to be found and her car was gone. I figured she got up early to get some school supplies and I was right.  She came home a little while later with things for her classroom and donuts for breakfast.

We all hung around the kitchen table eating breakfast and watched Mason play with their dog Ethan.  Mason would crawl under the dining room table and Ethan would try to chase after him.  Then Mason would pop out the other end and chase after Ethan laughing.  It was very adorable.  He also fed Ethan some bacon which made his day.

When Nana and Papa packed up the car to head home Mason wanted to go with them. He had Nana put his flip-flops on and tried to follow them out of the gate in his choo-choo t-shirt and diaper.  He was not happy to see them leave and cried as they pulled away.  Mason loves his Nana and Papa and hopefully they will be back to see him again sometime before Thanksgiving. 

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