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I Roll, You Roll, Our New Volvo

October 10, 2010

Becks and her new Volvo S40

My grandparents agreed to watch the kids while Becks and I went into Tallahassee to find a replacement for our totaled car. We had been talking about what she wanted to look at and we started off at Champion Chevrolet. They had a 2010 garnet Chevrolet Traverse on the lot that was beautiful.  It sat 7 people, got 24 mpg and had 20″ polished rims. We took it for a test drive. While Becks drove and chatted with the salesperson about teaching I enjoyed the ride. It rode very smoothly and there was limited noise from the outside in the cabin even as we hit 65 mph.

Becks thought the Traverse was the right vehicle so we went inside to negotiate.  Despite the Traverse being the last 2010 on the lot they only knocked $1,000 off the sticker price. We both thought this was rather ridiculous and walked out. As we made our way back to the car Becks remarked that they did not want to sell a car too badly.

We were  not sure where she wanted to head next so I suggested we check out the Volvo dealership. Unlike when we bought our first one, the Volvo dealership is now housed with Capital Eurocars that also sell VW’s and Porches.  I thought they would be out of our price range, but I knew Becks really loved her old S40 and wanted to see what they had on the lot. We pulled in walked around checking out the cars. The new S60 was a very good looking car but with a price tag close to $50,000 it was double the money we wanted to pay for a car.

There was one S40 on the lot which Becks wanted to drive. It was a dark blue and had cream colored leather and dual chrome exhaust tips. It was also a T5 and had 227 hp as compared to our old S40 that had 168 hp. A salesman got the key and we hopped in for a spin. Becks’ eyes lit up and I knew that she loved it. She rubbed the leather steering wheel and gave it a little gas. Unlike the old S40 this one had a bit of a growl to it as we pulled into traffic.  She was all smiles as she drove around Tallahassee and I knew that she really wanted this little car. We went inside and sat down to work out some numbers. The monthly figure was a little high and by this time it was well after noon. I thanked Tom and told him that we wanted to get something to eat. I also asked to see if he could work on the bottom line, and if he could to give me a call.

After lunch we went to Legacy Toyota. Our rental had been a Camry and Becks wanted to see if we could get a good deal on one. We wandered around the lot and my eye was caught by the Highlander, a small SUV. Becks liked the looks of the 4Runner. We ended up driving both with a salesman named DJ. He was very nice and worked with us to see if we could cut a deal.  After the 4Runner was ruled out we focused on the Highlander or Camry.  While he was talking to his sales manager Becks said that buying either of these cars would make her feel old. She also did not like the cloth interiors and said they felt cheap. She was right and I knew where we were headed. Tom from Volvo had also called and said they were able to knock a couple grand off the price thanks in part to the Volvo Loyalty program.  I thanked DJ for helping us out and we left.

We strolled back into the Volvo place and I told Tom that we wanted to buy the little blue S40. Tom was excited that we came back and we learned that our car was the first one he ever sold working at Capital Eurocars. I was happy for him! The price ended up being less than a Camry with leather, and I really love all the safety aspects the Volvo offered.   I experienced first hand the kind of hit a Volvo S40 can take and  knowing Becks will be protected while she drives is the most important thing to me.

We all went inside to fill out the paperwork and work out financing.  Numerous papers were signed and dated.  Once things were in order they fully detailed the car.  The staff was friendly and I felt like we were treated fairly. We were there until 5:30 p.m. and I was able to watch college football on their big screen. They also had drinks which made the wait quite pleasant. When they were finished they pulled the car around front and handed Becks the keys. She was glowing and I was very happy that she was happy. Our buying experience this time was much better than when we got our first Volvo. I would recommend purchasing a vehicle from Capital Eurocars and hope that our new S40 takes care of us as well as our first one did!

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