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Mason is a Sleepyhead

October 11, 2010

Mason had a big weekend. He spent all day Saturday running Nana and Papa ragged, tossing things over the fence and attempting to feed Ethan anything he could get his hands on. Sunday was just as busy with chasing the dogs, loving on Julia and washing the Vue. While I scrubbed the big car he plopped his little cars into his bucket of water and covered them in suds.  When they were clean he would dump out the bucket, suds and all and then bring in over to me. “More!” he would say, and I would fill it up with water and he would repeat the process.  He was so good and I had fun playing with him, squirting him with water and helping to perfect his technique for drinking from the hose.

Around 4:30 p.m. little man his the wall and it was time for a nap.  I stripped off his choo-choo t-shirt, changed his diaper and picked the dried leaves out of his hair before putting him down for a snooze. I figured he would sleep for a few hours and then be ready to go again. One hour turned into two, then three and four. Becks and I checked on him a couple of times to make sure he was breathing and he was curled up with hit butt in the air cutting z’s.

He ended up sleeping the entire night. This morning Becks woke me up as she was getting ready for he first day of school as a teacher.  After taking some pictures of her and helping her out the door I gave Julia a bath and got myself ready for work.  Mason was still asleep and I finally had to wake him up around 7:00 a.m.  After 14 1/2 hours of sleep he was groggy and made me hold him while he watched Big Bird and drank juice.

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