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At Least the Nachos and Beer Were Good

October 18, 2010

Jaguar Nachos

I was excited to watch the Jaguars on Monday Night Football. In preparation for the game I made sure our lunches were packed for tomorrow, my clothes were ironed, and there was plenty of beer in the fridge. Becks gave Mason a bath while I ran down to Winn-Dixie to get some last minutes ingredients for nachos.  Upon returning to the house we put Mason to bed at 8 o’clock and I made the nachos.  They were ready just as the game kicked off.  Becks said I made too many, but by half time there were gone.

The nachos and cold St. Pauli’s Girls I had were the best part of the game as the Jags stunk it up on national television.  They could not seem to sustain a drive, and when things got going the Jags self destructed.  To make matters worse Garrad left the game in the 2nd quarter with a concussion, and was replaced by Trent Edwards.  He looked decent on the last drive of the half, and the Jags headed to the locker room trailing 17-0.  Becks called it a night while I decided to stay up. During halftime Edwards remembered he was Trent Edwards, and looked horrible the rest of the way. He threw 2 picks, and the Jags running game was non-existent.

The outcome of the game was not in question when the Jags went down 23-3 in the 4th quarter.  I kept watching though so I could see if Chris Johnson would be held in check. If he was, I had a chance to win my fantasy football league match-up.  All I needed was for the Jags to not allow him to score a touchdown.  Things were going well until Del Rio started calling time outs with under 2 minutes to play.  On 4th down instead of taking a knee Fisher called a running play, and Johnson took it to the house on a 35 yard run. I was livid. The Jags got smoked 30-3 and I lost to my dad 79-71.

The stadium looked great at the start of the game filled up with fans in teal, but by the end it was sparsely populated with only the most die-hard of Jags fans. It was not a good night of football and I am glad we did not try to make it to the game.

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