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Get Your Calzone On at the Brickyard Pizzeria

October 19, 2010

This afternoon Becks and I made the short drive from my office to the Brickyard Pizzeria for lunch.  The Brickyard Pizzeria is located on Kerry Forrest Parkway in a brick building between ACE Hardware and the Circle K.  Two rows of tables stretch towards the back on the left side while a sizeable kitchen is on the right.

Upon entering the hostess/waitress told us to sit down where ever we wanted. She promptly took our drink order and brought us some menus.  We decides to get an order of garlic knots and then a pepperoni calzone to split.  While we waited for our food I looked around. There are no televisions which improves conversation and the walls are lined with old license plates, tools and signs.  It felt like a pizza place from up North and I later learned that the owner is from Connecticut. 

The garlic rolls came out first. Six of them were in a basket drizzled in olive oil, parmesan cheese and oregano.  They were crispy, piping hot and delicious.  Becks only had a few and not wanting them to go to waster I polished off the remaining four and sopped the extra goody that was sitting on the bottom with my finger.

The calzone came out next and was huge. It was over a foot long and stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, and pepperoni.  The dough was cooked very well and I really enjoyed it.  Becks and I both thought it was the best calzone we have had in Tallahassee, beating out the place we used to go when we worked down town. 

Lunch including the garlic knots, calzone, drinks and tip came out to a little over $15.00.  The Brickyard Pizzeria is reasonably prized, has great food, and I am looking forward to heading back there again for lunch in the not so distant future.

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