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Pisgah Methodist Church Fish Fry

October 22, 2010

Pisgah Methodist Church held a fish fry tonight.  My friend Joe attends church there and invited me to stop by and grab some carry-out boxes for dinner. I decided to take him up on the offer and followed him to the church when we got out of work. 

Pisgah Methodist Church is located in the northeast part of Tallahassee off of Centerville Road. The church grounds were beautiful and three buildings have stood on the site since 1830.  The current one was dedicated on May 1, 1859 and has served the community ever since. It is built in the Greek Revival style and looked very pretty in the early evening light.

After admiring the church I followed Joe to a table where I paid $8.00 per box. Joe hooked me up with a kid’s meal ticket and I headed over to get the food. The meal came with cheese grits, slaw, hushpuppies and some fried mullet. I also got to pick three items from the dessert table.  With food piled high I made my way to the car and back home.

When I walked in the door I was met by our cat Sadie Mae. She probably smelled the fish a mile away and she was my best friend for the rest of the evening.  I put Mason in his high chair and cracked open a couple of beers for Becks and me.  The food was still warm and smelled great.  I had never had mullet and found it to be a very mild white fish.  Mason also enjoyed it and his favorite part was the hushpuppies.  All three desserts were also very good. Becks claimed the apple-spice cake while I ate the bundt cake with chocolate frosting. I am glad I got to check out Joe’s church, meet some of the people who attend services there, and pick-up some good food for dinner!

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