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Goats and Sheep at Golden Acres Ranch

October 24, 2010

Katadhin Sheep raised in Jefferson County

Today was the last day of New Leaf Market’s 3rd Annual Farm Tour.  This afternoon after getting back from seeing Courtney and Seth’s new baby we took a ride up to Golden Acres Ranch.  The ranch is located north of Monticello on Barnes Road.  Pulling onto the property took us down a one lane road amongst some planted pines.  It then opened up to reveal a series of pastures and a couple of homes.  Some of the goats were lying in the field while others clustered against the fence. 

The parking lot had a good number of cars in it and people were milling around the house and store.  Two pens were set up so kids could see the goats and sheep up close. Mason checked them out for a minute of two and then pointed to the chicken coop.  He ran over and was mezmerized by the hens and rooster clucking and rooting around for bugs.  Becks asked him what a rooster said and he gave us his version of cock-a-doodle-doodle.

We then explored where there were some other goats living under the pine trees.  Mason wanted to pet one of them very badly and at first they all stayed away.  Eventually one little goat bucked up and nudge up near the fence.  Mason moved and he skitted away.  It was pretty funny.

Mason refused to go on the hay ride and we decided it was not worth risking a meltdown.  Instread I bought Becks some Mayhaw Jelly.  I also got a package of fresh ground lamb and some cubed lamb.  The lamb is grass fed and raised locally! Becks refuses to even try lamb, but it is her loss.  I cannot wait to make a pot of stew this week and share it with Mason.

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