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Fall Festival at Indian Springs Baptist Church

November 1, 2010

Yesterday our church held a Fall Festival. There were games for the kids, food, and a skeet shooting contest.  The weather was perfect and we took the kids over so they could see everyone before heading out to trick-or-treat.

Someplace between our house and the church Julia’s bottle leaked in her car seat and soaked her bottom.  She was not happy and I took her over to the car to change her diaper.  When I opened up the tailgate the diaper bags were nowhere to be found.  In my hurry to load the kids into the car I left them on the side of the road.

Becky wanted to leave, but I told her to stay with Mason and Julia while I made the 15 minute ride back to the house.  Turning on Mulberry Street I saw the two diaper bags sitting near one of the azalea bushes.  I grabbed the bags, slung them into the car and drove the familiar route back to Indian Springs.

Miss Julia looked very unhappy when I got there.  She was wet and hungry and Becky said she screamed most of the time I was gone.  We changed her diaper and she quieted down.  We grabbed something to eat and chatted with Steve and Anna while Mason ran around with the girls and Jules sat in my lap.  Next time I will double-check we have their bags before speeding away from the house.

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