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Miss Julia is Six Months Old

November 3, 2010

Awake for 2 minutes and already smiling

Jules turned 6 months old today! She is smiling, giggling and really wants to crawl.  We let her play on the floor and she rocks on her legs wanting to go forward.  She has not figured it out and usually ends up on her side with a thud.  Miss Julia also is trying to sit up.  She wobbles upright for a second or two before slumping over.  She is almost there and I think that she will be sitting up on her on within the next couple of weeks. 

She is still eating delicious rice cereal and we are planning to add apple sauce to her diet this week.  If she does well on that we may try some other pureed foods.  Mason likes to try and share whatever he is eating with her, but she is not ready for carrot sticks, cheese and pickles just yet. 

Our babygirl figured out how to push down the bumpers in her crib and sometimes when I go to see if she is awake I will see her little eyes peering out towards the door.  It is pretty adorable. 

Miss Julia  also continues to grow.  She is  17 pounds and has graduated to size 3 diapers.  Becks found out her weight this week when she took in her for a cold.  Other than some sniffles she is a very healthy little girl and doing very well.

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