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The Imperial Stout Continues to Bubble Away

November 4, 2010

Joe and I brewed an Imperial Stout on Saturday.  The beers I brewed in the past usually gave me two or three days of vigorous fermentation before pitting out.  This beer is different.  On Sunday morning the airlock was bubbling away at a good clip and it continued in this manner on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This morning I expected things to have calmed.  The brew bucket was sitting near the hutch at the back of the kitchen. At first I did not see any air bubbles coming out of the airlock but after watching for a few moments I saw a few bubbles pop up. After six days it was still going strong.

I usually leave my beer in the fermenter for a week and then transfer it to a secondary vessel to clarify.  The beer has the highest original gravity (1.083) I have brewed, and due to the continued fermentation will probably  sit in the fermenter for 2 weeks. I have heard of some people’s fermentation getting stuck, and am very happy the little yeast are doing their job.  Depending on how my scheduled works out I would like to transfer it at the end of next week so I can  free up my brew bucket and get another batch in the pipeline.

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