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An Afternoon at the Movies

November 24, 2010

I took a half day off from work.  We have not been to the movies in forever and with the kids at Ms. Cherrie’s we decided to head up to Thomasville to see Love and Other Drugs.  I was running a little late after stopping by the bank and getting some gas.  Becks was convinced that we were going to be late and miss the previews.  I told her that would be fine.  After getting stuck in traffic and grabbing some snacks we still made it on time. 

The movie was pretty good but we could have been watching paint dry for all I cared.  I was just happy to be on an afternoon date with my wife.  It was nice spending a couple of hours together without having to keep an eye on the kids.

When the movie was over we drove to Lowe’s to check out the playgrounds they had in stock.  We want to get Mason one for Christmas and they have some really nice ones.  I think we are going to get one that we can expand on as he gets older.  The one we looked at had a little tower, 2 swings, a set of rings and a slide.  It was pretty cool. 

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