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Thanksgiving 2010

November 25, 2010

I woke up early this morning to the gurgling of pipes.  Hours before a plumber had made an expensive emergency visit to our house to snake out the sewer line.  It got the water flowing for a few minutes but hours after he left the problem reappeared.  Thankfully this morning  the water receded enough to allow all of us to use the bathroom and take showers.  The joys of living in an old home!  

While Becks got ready Mason, Jules and I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Mason liked all the people dancing around and the bands.  Jules sat watching with her baby doll in her mouth.  Once all of us were dressed and ready to go we loaded up the car and headed over to Charlotte’s house for Thanksgiving Day.

Steve, Carl and Peyton were in the woods hunting and we soon got a call that Carl had got a deer.  They took it to Madison to be processed while Charlotte, Meme, Pete, Robin, Joe, Pat, Katie, Mitch, Becks, Mason, Jules and I enjoyed the pimento cheese and tortilla rolls Becks made for appetizers.  They were both very good and by the time the other arrived at the house they were gone. 

For dinner Charlotte made turkey (smoked at Johnston’s), ham, greens, potato salad, sweet potatoes, dressing and gravy.  Becks made mac ‘n cheese and broccoli salad. I made a plate and sat outside in the 80 degree weather with Mitch and Mason. Mason ate about 1/2 my meal and then turned to me and said “More!” I obliged and he promptly ate 1/2 my plate again.  By the end of dinner we were both stuffed.  However, we both found a little room for a slice of pumpkin pie, pecan pie and coconut cake.  Everything was very good!

Following dinner we played some bocce, drew with chalk on the patio and watched a little football.  I also pushed Mason around in his little wagon pretending it was a car.  He had a blast and laughed as I maneuvered him through the living room, kitchen and hallway.  We stayed until 7:00 p.m. and by the time we left both of the kids were worn out.  Jules enjoyed her 1st Thanksgiving while Mason made the most of his 2nd.  When we got home Mason and Jules went to bed and within minutes were out. 

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