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On My 33rd Birthday FSU Stomps the Gators

November 27, 2010

 33rd Birthday

Today I turned 33 years old.  I woke up at 6:30 a.m. to find Becky in the kitchen baking.  Knowing her pension for burning herself while baking I thought it was very sweet that she was making me cupcakes.  Once the kids were up we had cupcakes for breakfast and I opened my presents.  She got me 4 shirts and some Tommy Bahama cologne that smells really good. 

Becks and I were supposed to go to the Florida State v. Florida game this afternoon.  However, just as we were planning to leave our babysitter called and cancelled.  We were not happy.  It was too late to call my boss and tell him to give the tickets to someone else so I decided to take Mason to the game.  He had not taken a nap, and was a little ornery so I hoped he caught a nap on the way into Tallahassee. 

We met my friend Joe and his wife at the Governors Square Mall and rode into Lot 14 in my car.  FSU and Florida fans were making their way to Doak Campbell in droves and there was excitement in the air.  For the past 6 season the Gators have defeated the ‘Noles, but this year felt different.  There was hope that under Fisher the men in garnet and gold could snap the streak. 

FSU v. UF @ Doak 11.27.10

As we walked towards the stadium various FSU fans remarked how cute my little ‘Nole was in his FSU track suit.  He held my hand as we made our way across the rec fields.  Mason’s only minor meltdown of the day occurred while we waited for Sandy and Jeanie to meet us.  He was hungry and a little tired.  I distracted him by talking about what kind of bites we were going to have for lunch. 

The University Club was packed and I was not optimistic about finding seats with a good view to watch the game.  There were no seats inside and outside on the railings looked no better. However, I spotted 2 seats that looked to be unoccupied and when I asked if they were open I was told they were.  Mason and I had just landed prime seats for the game!

After lunch Mason became his old self and was talking to everyone, checking out his surroundings and acting adorable.  He sat in my lap during the pregame festivities and did the chop at random times. Joe tried to get him to do the Gator chomp to which he replied “no!” I was proud of him. 

Noles score!

Once the game started he watched from my chair while drinking his juice.  FSU jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead, but the Gators answered with a touchdown shortly thereafter to make it 7-3.  The Seminoles defense then buttoned down the Gator offense and did not let up another point the rest of the way. 

Meanwhile, the Seminole offense led by Christian Ponder was just getting started.  The ‘Noles scored 21 points in the 2nd quarter and 7 more in the 3rd.  The final score was 31-7 Florida State.  It was the first time FSU beat the Gators since 2004 and I was very happy to be in attendance to see the streak broken!

Overall, I had a great time at the game. Mason behaved wonderfully and I am very lucky to have a 22 month old who behaves so well.  I loved being able to take him to his 1st FSU v. UF game and it was a great way to celebrate my 33rd birthday!

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