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Grocery Shopping with Jules and Mason

November 28, 2010

Grocery shopping with one child under the age of 2 is a challenge.  Mason likes to try to stand up in the cart or reach for items while I am comparing prices. I have become adept at grabbing what I want and keeping the cart away from the shelves so Mason cannot drop random items into our cart.

This morning Becks wanted to paint the fence.  She was outside by 8:00 a.m. while Mason and I ate cinnamon twist, drank coffee (he had juice) and made a grocery list.  The only caveat for me getting out of fence painting was I had to take both kids to get groceries. 

I made sure both kids were dry and gave Jules a bottle before loading them in the car.  When we got there I sat Mason in the top part of the cart while Jules sat in her bucket in the basket part of the buggy.

One issue that quickly popped up was I had a limited amount of room to place the groceries.  I overcame this by arranging items around Jules and putting big items under the cart on the rack.  By the time we made it to the checkout there was not much room left and a loaf of bread sat on Jules’ lap.

The lady at the check-out asked me why I was grocery shopping with 2 small kids.  I told her this was a lot easier than painting a fence and she agreed.  I expct the degree of difficulty will change once both of the kids are able to stand and swat things off the shelves, but today both Mason and Jules behaved themselves, and I enjoyed having them with me.

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