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Miss Julia is 7 Months Old

December 3, 2010

Miss Julia is 7 months old! She is able to sit up and has moved on from rice cereal to oatmeal. She was not a fan of the rice cereal and I fully understood why since it taste like wall paper paste, (or at least how I imagine wall paper paste would taste.) The oatmeal is a different story and I am glad her food repertoire is expanding.

Our little girl is also about to crawl.  She is scooting and rolling all over the floor. We put her on a blanket in the living room and she is able to investigate toys that catch her eye and get from place to place without too much trouble.  She really likes playing with Mason’s trucks and trains for a moment or 2 before he snatches them away.

Jules is also talking up a storm.  Becks and I sit on the couch and listen to her as she babbles up a storm.  She talks to her fluffy blocks, the bear in her crib and nothing in particular on a constant basis.  It is adorable and we both think she is going to be a talker like her mom and dad.

I am not sure how long Julia is or how much she weighs since we have not been to the doctors in awhile.  However, she is now wearing 9 to 12 month old clothes and even then some of the pants are a little short. I cannot believe how fast she is growing!

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