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A Wooden Swing Set for Mason

December 5, 2010

Becks wanted to get Mason a swing set so he could play outside and this afternoon we headed up to Lowes in Thomasville, GA.  We had checked out the swing sets previously and had a general idea what we wanted to get him.  Becks tracked down an associate while I pushed Mason and Jules around in a circle.  When he saw the slides, swings and wooden tower he was pretty excited. 

The Lowes associate asked us what we wanted to get and we told her the wooden base, swing bar and slide.  She began to scurry around writing down SKU’s so she could ring us up. I asked if the swings and hardware came with the set and she replied that they did not.  Thankfully before we checked out I had her get a ladder to read the content list printed on the box.  It turned out that the only thing that we needed to get was an infant swing for Jules.  Since the swing set is rather large and my Vue is not we have to go back and pick the swing set up sometime this week. 

Becks wants me to put it together sometime before Christmas, but not too early to ruin the surprise for Mason.  I think I am underestimating how hard it is going to be to put it together and will try to get on it before Christmas Eve.  I cannot wait to see Mason’s face when he sees his new swing set on Christmas morning!

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