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Time to Bust Out the Wool Socks

December 6, 2010

This year summer lingered a little longer than it was supposed in the South.  The mercury was comfortably settled in the mid-70’s through late November and people started to wonder if cooler weather would arrive in the Panhandle. 

That question was answered this past week when temperatures began to plunge.  Last night there were hard freeze warnings and reports that the low would hover around 28 degrees F.  Before heading to bed I made sure the water was running outside so we could avoid a frozen and/or burst pipe adventure. 

The walk from my back door to the spigot took 10 to 15 second one way.  By the time I ran out, turned the water on and ran back inside I was freezing.  I could not get warm and decided to dig out my old heavy wool socks.  They are very warm and are the equivalent of hot chocolate for your feet. I am very happy I kept them when I moved down South!

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