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Secret Santa Revealed

December 17, 2010

This week was Secret Santa week at work. I drew my friend Joe’s name and tried to keep him from guessing it was me.  I did pretty well the first 2 days when I got him some homemade goodies and a coffee card to Starbucks. 

On Wednesday I grabbed a bottle of raspberry lambic and a fluted glass from ABC Liquors.  Joe made a trip to the bathroom and I dashed into the kitchen to get the beer, grabbed the glass from my office, ran into his and then back into my chair.  He strolled by and I was out of breath.  He asked if I saw anyone walk by my door and I said I had not. 

Since Betsy was out I thought he figured out that I left the beer.  To try to throw him off I got an oil infuser for the last day.  I hoped that the really girly gift would confuse him.  Sadly, the beer did me in and at today’s luncheon I was outed.   My secret Santa was out of the office most of the week at depositions in Tampa.  However, Patricia got me a $25 gift card to Barnes & Nobles and some nice chocolates.  I’m looking forward to picking up something next time I go into Tallahassee.  It was a fun week even and I had fun sneaking around playing Santa.

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