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Building Mason’s Swing Set

December 22, 2010

Today Mr. Donald, Mitch and I built the kids swing set.  After lugging two large boxes from the shed that contained the swing set I opened them up.  I set out the wood in order to make sure the contents that were supposed to be in the box were in the box. Unfortunately whoever packed the box in China left out one piece I needed and substituted it with another.  There also appeared to be many more screws and bolts than the instructions indicated.

Mitch and Don showed up after I had the wood sorted and we set to work putting the swing set platform together.  The directions were a little hard to follow but between the 3 of us we figured out where everything needed to go.  It took us a little under three hours to put the platform together. 

The swing bar consisted of many less pieces than the platform.  We put it together, moved it into place and bolted it onto the platform in a little over an hour.  Once the swing bar was on attached we hung the two swings and a set of bars.  I hung on the swing bar arm to make sure it was steady and it barely moved. 

The only part that was a bit of a pain was attaching the swing to the platform.  The manufacturer did not include the bolts we needed to attach it and Don had to make a run down to the hardware store.  I am also very happy that I had Don and Mitch to help me build the swing set.  I could never have gotten it up without them!

I think Mason and Jules (once she gets a little bigger) are going to love their swing set. We have to keep Mason out of the back yard for the next three days so it can be a surprise for him on Christmas morning.  I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees it!

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