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Christmas Eve

December 24, 2010

Growing up every Christmas Eve we would go to my Aunt Liz and Uncle Al’s home in Kingston, NH.  I remember there always being a lot of good food and he house being decorated to the hilt.  We would eat, search for the pickle on the Christmas tree and then sing the Twelve Days of Christmas.  Uncle Al would also have a fire going and I liked tossing more paper onto it even when he told me there was enough.  We had a lot of good times.

Christmas Eve is different now that I live in Florida and have a family of my own. We are starting our own traditions and this year after spending the afternoon cooking we headed to church for Christmas Eve services.  Our little country church looked beautiful decorated and I always enjoy singing carols and taking communion. 

For the past three years or so Pastor Greg has asked Becky and I to read the Christmas story.  I read the shorter passage leaving the longer one to Becky who is a better public speaker.  As I started to read the first verse Mason let of a cry.  He was screaming for his mommy and daddy.  Charlotte had to take him outside but that did not matter much and I could still hear him clearly as I read.  I flew through the passage, excused myself and went to get him.  He was a teary snotty mess and happy to see his daddy when I walked out of the door.  Thankfully no one minded his meltdown.

After church Charlotte, Steve and Mitch came back to our house.  For Christmas Eve we had a baked a ham, brined pecans, toast points, peach preserves, cheeses from Sweet Grass Dairy, salami (namy according to Mason), cranberry-jalapeno salsa, boiled shrimp cocktail, baked brie topped with cherries and pecans and a chopped beef dip Charlotte brought.  Becky and I also made a really tasty blackberry mojito punch everyone liked. 

Mason also got to have Christmas with his Meme and Poppy since they were headed to Jacksonville tomorrow morning.  The coolest thing he got was a John Deere tricycle.  It was fun watching him check it out after Poppy helped him unwrap it. It was also nice spending  Christmas Eve with my Nana and Papa who had come up from Spring Hill, FL and I know they enjoyed being with the kids. 

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