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An Amazing New Grill

December 26, 2010

Becky called me from the side of the house while I was putting the kids swing set together.  She said she needed some help getting something into the house.  I had no idea what she needed help with since she was supposed to be shopping with Courtney.  I was kind of aggravated because we were right in the middle of things but told her I would be right there. 

I was walking next to her when she told me she had a surprise for me.  I was caught off guard and she told me to look across the street.  Sitting in the back of Steve’s truck was a brand new stainless steel grill! It was beautiful and Becky told me that was my present. I was completely surprised and floored. 

Steve and I moved it around back to the patio and I took a closer look.  The entire grill is stainless steel including the grates.  It has four burners and a side burner.  The gas tank goes under the grill in an enclosed cabinet.  It is the nicest grill I have ever owned. Thank you to my beautiful wife for making my Christmas a memorable one and I am looking forward to making you dinner!

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