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A Screw in Our Tire

December 28, 2010

The tire pressure warning light in Becky’s car has come on twice in the past couple of weeks.  The first time occurred after the first real cold snap of the season.  Since all of the tires were down a couple of pounds I figured it was the cold that had caused the air in the tires to contract and pop the light on. 

The second time occurred a few days ago. There had been no drastic change in temperature during the past week and this morning I took her car up to the station to check the pressure in the tires.  The first three I checked were at 35 psi.  The fourth one, the rear passenger tire, was at 25 psi. 

As I clinked 75 cents into the machine I knew something was wrong with the tire.  The car had less than 1,000 miles on it and I was hoping that it was not something serious.  When I got to the office I called the garage right across the street to see if they would be able to check out our car.  They said they could and I made the short drive over to the Tuning Point. 

Later that afternoon I walked back over to see what was going on with the tire.  I was hoping that it would be something minor.  The mechanic told me one of us had driven over a large screw and punctured the tire in the middle of the tread.  He said it was the best place it could have happened, and that they were able to patch it.  Total costs for peace of mind and the patch, $20.

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