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A Promotion to the Big Boy Bed

December 29, 2010

About a year ago Mason moved from his crib to his pack and play to sleep at night.  We made this decision after he fell out of his crib.  Even on the lowest setting it was not deep enough to contain our little monkey.   

For the past year this has worked out well.  We set it up in his bedroom near the windows with some extra padding, a sheet and a pillow.  It was comfortable for him and night after night he slept with his little butt up in the air until he called for us in the morning. 

Mason finally outgrew his pack and play and last night he slept in his big boy bed.  Becky and I got him ready but instead of putting him where he normally slept, tucked him into his queen sized bed.  She got in next to him and stayed until he fell asleep. 

Despite being a queen sized bed it sits very low to the ground.  The mattress is not a pillow top and the chances of him hurting himself if he rolled out are low.  Becky still put some pillows on the floor just in case and before I went to bed I peeked in on him.  Instead of sleeping with his butt in the air like he has since he was born he was sprawled out.  His head was on one pillow, his feet were uncovered and he had one of his babies snuggled close to his side.  I covered him up and turned in for the night. 

This morning I was in the kitchen when Mason strolled in.  His eyes still looked sleepy and he was dragging his baby behind him.  He looked at me and said “hi daddy, juice!” and hugged my leg.  I kind of missed hearing him call for me to pick him up out of his other little bed, but I was happy he made it through the first night in his big boy bed without a problem. 

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